2024 Non Tribal Member Big Game Licenses, and Auctions are available. 

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Attention reservation ranchers and rural residents!!!

As spring time gets underway and calving season continues, bear activity has begun to increase. Please contact BFWD (406-338-7207) or Dispatch (406-338-4000) immediately if you have suffered depredation losses. Time is of the essence when comes to investigating grizzly, wolf, or mountain lion kills. The evidence collected during these investigations provide justification for livestock-loss reimbursement programs. 

Ranchers, farmers, and rural residents are also advised that Wildlife Services/APHIS has a cost-share program for electric fencing projects to protect livestock.  Please contact Charley Tailfeathers at (406) 845-9041 or Blackfeet Fish & Wildlife at (406) 338-7207.

P.S. Please properly store dog food, livestock feed, and all other attractants.

Thank you!!!

New for the 2024 season, the Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Department will be offering 5 Mule Deer Hunts through an online auction for Non-Tribal  Members. Read More.

Yellowstone Off-Reservation Hunting – Update 04/05/24

Elk hunting in the Gardiner and West Yellowstone areas closed March 31, 2024.   Bull Bison hunting is open until May 31, 2024.   


  2024 Fishing Season opened April 1st.

The following Blackfeet reservation lakes are open:

Kipp Lake, Mission Lake, Four Horn Lake, Mitten Lake, Twin Lakes, Chain Lake, Hope Lake, and Green Lake.

Lakes still frozen include St. Mary Lake, Duck Lake, and Dog Gun Lake.


Chonic Wasting Disease Frequently Asked Questions


                                                            CWD Check Station Crew

Blackfeet Fish & Wildlife Department's newest crew.   CWD - Chronic Wasting Disease Technicians.  Tyler K. Guardipee, Buddy Anthony Gray, Joe Hagberg, Supervisor, Tyrel Whitford & Angie Monroe.


BFWD - CWD Check Station Hours of operation:

Sunday - Saturday  6:30 am - 7:30 pm

(hours are subject to change pending daylight)

Telephone #406-845-9555

Get your harvest deer/elk tested.