Bear Aware 

When recreating/living in bear country it is critical that residence/visitors never allow bears to obtain human food, garbage or other attractants. Bears that have learned to obtain human food often become “food conditioned” and may become increasingly bold and aggressive in their efforts to obtain foods which increases the likelihood of attack resulting in serious injury or death. Bears that have become “food conditioned” and display aggressive behavior often must be removed to protect human life.

Bear Incident Reporting

Please help the Blackfeet bear managers properly address human-bear conflicts by promptly reporting all bear observations and incidents to Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife personnel at (406) 338-7207 Monday-Friday from 8:00 p.m.- 4:30 p.m.  If after hours, please call Blackfeet Law Enforcement Dispatch at (406) 338-4000 and report the incident.

We are asking residents who encounter bears in their yards, to make the encounter uncomfortable for them.  If you can safely do so, take a picture of the bear(s), especially if they repeatedly come close to your home, livestock, or humans.  Pictures and/or good descriptions of problem bears help BFWD personnel with future bear management decisions.  If they are feeling safe and comfortable around people and homes this will eventually lead to a negative situation somewhere down the line! Here are some suggestions to follow if you encounter bears (grizzly or black) around your home:

  • Stay Calm – If the bear finds no food, it will usually leave.
  • Stay Away – bears may attack when they feel threatened.
  • Warn Others – Bring kids and pets indoors. Remind others to keep their distance.
  • Scare that Bear – Make sure the bear has a clear escape path. MAKE LOTS OF NOISE: yell, clap, bang pots, use a wildlife deterrent horn, or turn on lights. Don’t let the bear become comfortable around your home. DON'T PHYSICALLY CHASE THE BEAR.  All these suggestions are at a safe distance!!!
  • Remove Attractants – After the bear has left, make sure your home is bear proof so it won’t come back.
  • Call Blackfeet Fish & Wildlife Department for assistance removing dead livestock carcasses from your property, otherwise they will attract bears.
  • Call Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife for suggestions if needed. (406) 338-7207.

We thank the residents who have been following these suggestions and advice!