2023-2024 Yellowstone National Park Hunting Updates

Emergency Off-Reservation Hunting regulations:


In an effort to minimize the risk of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) being transferred from the

Gardiner or West Yellowstone areas to the Blackfeet Indian reservation, the following off-reservation hunting emergency regulations were put into effect by the Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Commission on November 30, 2023.

1. Deer hunting is prohibited in the Gardiner and West Yellowstone areas until further notice!

2. Mandatory CWD testing of all harvested elk. Fine of $2,000 for failure to do so.

3. Blackfeet CWD staff and game wardens will be available to assist tribal hunters with CWD testing of elk.

4. Mandatory SARS/Covid 2 testing of all bison and elk by Blackfeet CWD staff.

5. All Blackfeet off-reservation hunters must sign an acknowledgement form agreeing to these new disease testing requirements.

6. To minimize the possibility of CWD contamination on the BIR. Blackfeet Tribal hunters must leave guts, legs, heads, hides, and other elk parts in the field or dispose unwanted elk parts in the CWD garbage bin located at the Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Department.

7. YNP elk and bison tags will suffice for transport tags to allow the legal transport of elk and bison to meat cutters, taxidermists, or back to your residence. If tribal hunters have questions, they can drop by the Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Department office, visit our website at www.blackfeetfishandwildlife.net, or call (406) 338-7207 for more information.


Hunter Acknowledgement Form - Required


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