Equipment, Tools, and Support

The hunting of bison is unlike any other hunt experience in Montana. Adult bull bison can weigh in excess of 2000 pounds. To put it in perspective, an average bull elk weighs just over 700 pounds.

Firearms and ammunition
The only means of taking a bison allowed are center-fired rifles. A 150-grain or larger bullet is required.

Hunter Orange
There will be lots of other hunters in the area. Not all will be as careful as you. 400-square inches of hunter orange is strongly recommended.

Recommended equipment and tools
If you plan to field dress your own animal, bring:

  • many sharp knives,
  • sharpening system,
  • large bone/meat saw,
  • axe,
  • sturdy rope, and
  • large plastic tarps.

Block and tackle and a winch may be necessary, as well as a sled or game cart.
Snow machines, ATVs or horse may be necessary, but check with the US Forest Service for restrictions.

Help in the field
Bring MANY fit friends to assist with field dressing and retrieving your animal after the harvest. Remember, a bull can weigh three times what a bull elk weighs.